Prison Books

The Requirements for Sending Books to HMP Wandsworth

Before July 2015, families in the UK were prohibited from sending books directly to all prisoners including those held at HMP Wandsworth. However, this changed when Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary relaxed the official policy on sending books to prisoners. The new regulations allow prisoners to keep over 12 books in their cells without necessarily obtaining permission from the prison governor. The lifting of the ban that prohibited friends and family from sending books to inmates was because books, play a key role in rehabilitating prisoners. Moreover, books, play a critical role in occupying inmates’ time given the fact that they have several free hours every day.

Sending books to inmates serving time at the HMP Wandsworth prison is not a complicated task, but a simple process that requires the following of some rules to ensure that the books arrive safely. The seven rules people need to follow while sending books to HMP Wandsworth prison include:

Rule 1: Buy books from Amazon UK and then send them directly to HMP Wandsworth

HMP Wandsworth and other prisons in the UK will not admit books purchased from local bookstores into correction facilities

Rule 2: Only new books are accepted in prisons

In enhancing security, most prisons in the UK do not accept old books or an old collection of books

Rule 3: Make sure that the shipping address is correct

The UK government will only admit books into the HMP Wandsworth only if they are properly addressed to the inmate. Some of the information that should appear on the address includes the prisoner’s name, prison name, street name, postal town/city, county, and Postal code.

Rule 4: Hardcover books are not allowed

HMP Wandsworth and most prisons in the UK will not accept books with hard-covers unless the person sending them has explicit permission from prison authorities to do so.

Rule 5: Do not send books with nudity or violence

Authorities in all prisons will always prohibit any books that contain nudity and any form of violence, regardless of whether the book is fictional or non-fictional.

Rule 6: Know the limits of books that the prisoner can receive

People willing to send books to their loved ones in the HMP Wandsworth prison are advised to check and know the number of books they can send to a prisoner at a given time. In most cases, prisons in the UK do not allow more than ten books to be shipped to a prisoner within the same month.

Rule 7: Magazine subscriptions are not allowed

The HMP Wandsworth and other prisons in the UK do not allow inmates to receive magazines; these must be bought.

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