A Skilful London Dentist

London Dentist – A Skilful London Dentist

Of course all London dentists have got skills but when you are looking for someone to put their fingers and much machinery in your mouth you want to be sure they have the right skill for you – after all London is a big place with just in the GLC area the same population as Austria and when you include what is considered the Metropolitan area the numbers equal over 13 million!

So how do you choose a London dentist with the skills you need. Virtually every dentist can do everything but so they can flourish in this highly competitive world many have decided to specialize. Now with some specialist work it is irrelevant where you have it done because the time in the dental surgery is quite short, so you could have the treatment near to your home and arrive a bit late or rush out at lunch time to a dentist for a brief appointment near to where you work. What you don’t want is to be stuck on the Northern Line from Burnt Oak with numb mouth that makes you dribble on the way to your job in Moorgate.

So think about what you want done and ask a dentist how long each session is going to take and work out your travel options. For instance if you live in Shepherd’s Bush and work in Charing Cross you have to consider that around the Strand and Covent Garden there are more special skilled dentists than there are around The Green so it would be better if you want specialist treatments, to have them done near your work.

If you are happy with your teeth as they are and simply want someone to reassure you that there are no nastiest quietly growing in the back reaches of your smile, you are best not going to a dentist who widely advertises that they are in the “million dollar smile” or “mouth makeover” businesses because the moment you sit in their $100,000 chair they will be badgering you to have more work done.

Five Main types of dental work

Let us look at the options and then decide where is most convenient to have the work done depending on your work, home and travel between the two.

  1. Whitening
  2. Straightening
  3. Periodontal – where you could have good teeth but gums in a bad condition
  4. Implants
  5. Cosmetic, which is a combination of all the above.


So look around both your work district and your home area for dentists who specialize in work you want done. Then give them a call asking the dentist to give you a rough estimate about time for the treatment and how they are fixed for appointments around the times you need.

I know the above barely touches the subject of finding the right dentist for you but maybe it will make the job easier and prevent some embarrassing moments on the Piccadilly line.